Year of Issue

Singer 301, 301A, 401A, 403A, 500A and 503A

Singer Model: Serial Numbers: Manufactured Year & Location:
301 (Centennial Year 1851-1951) NA000001 to NA001000 1951   Anderson, SC  (Centennial/LE)
301 (Centennial Year 1851-1951) NA001001 to NA010000 1951   Anderson, SC  (Limited Edition)
301 (Grand Introduction Oct 1952) NA010001 to NA185750 1952   Anderson, SC  (Start & End 301)
301A NA185751 to NA353000 1953   Anderson, SC  (Start of 301A)
301A NA353001 to NA471000 1954   Anderson, SC
301A NA471001 to NA500000 1955   Anderson, SC
401A NA500001 to NA700000 1956   Anderson, SC  (Start of 401A)
401A NA700001 to NA900000 1957   Anderson, SC
403A NA900001 to NA999999 1958   Anderson, SC  (Start of 403A)
301A (Start of "NB" Serial Numbers) NB000001 to NB146000  1956   Anderson, SC
301A NB146001 to NB200000 1957   Anderson, SC  (End of 301A)
Unassigned NB200001 to NB300000  
401A NB300001 to NB600000 1958  Anderson, SC
403A NB600001 to NB700000 1959  Anderson, SC
401A NB700001 to NB800000 1959  Anderson, SC
401A NB800001 to NB900000 1960  Anderson, SC
403A NB900001 to NB999999 1960  Anderson, SC  (End of 403A)
401A (Start of "NC" serial Numbers) NC000001 to NC100000 1961  Anderson, SC  (End of 401A)
500A NC100001 to NC200000 1961  Anderson, SC  (Start of 500A)
503A NC200001 to NC300000 1961  Anderson, SC  (Start of 503A)
500A NC300001 to NC400000 1961  Anderson, SC
503A NC400001 to NC500000 1962  Anderson, SC
500A NC500001 to NC600000 1962  Anderson, SC
503A NC600001 to NC700000 1963  Anderson, SC  (End of 503A)
500A NC700001 to NC800000 1963  Anderson, SC  (End of 500A)
Unassigned NC800001 to NC999999  

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